Welcome to the unofficial fanpage for brentalfloss!

This is going to be a page where I talk about Brent Black and my favorite songs from him.

My favorite songs from brentalfloss!

The Roommate Song (2008)

Hilarious song about being a freshman in college, living indoors.

Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi!

Awesome cover of the famous song from Super Mario World! Also, the first time I saw the ending I almost cried! (i still do.)

Dr. Mario With Lyrics

This one is a really funny classic!!!!! Video isn't that great so here it is on bandcamp instead


Wii Shop Channel with Lyrics!

You know i had to add this one here. This is my #2 favorite song from Brent. (#1 is the roommate song) Also when the Wii Shop Channel ended I got so sad.... I cried!!!!