hello this is the fansite for jb nation of youtube

this is our god jahvontae

Jahvontae does the epic dance

he gets all the girls

Who is jb nation?

jb nation is an Instagram user, YouTube vlogger (lol), and a certified "cool guy" since 2015! He has other stuff but we'll get to that in a bit


This is an image of my boi hanging out with a pineappl- I mean, mobbmedia from Instagram! I don't know who he is, but I guess he is famous.

Jahvontae facts

here are some facts about jahvonutae

click on a soulja boy for a fun vido

the history of jb nation

well, his youtube story at least.

So this is the story of him... he first made his first YouTube channel on an unown date in late 2015 and uploaded a video of him and his younger brother in the playground. The video was removed by himself, and is lost in time. He then changed his YouTube channel name to "jahvontae653" and uploaded 2 vlogs of him walking around townhouses and a skating rink with his friend, 3 videos of him playing call of duty, a call of duty in real life video, and uhh, a backscratcher review. he also changed his name to "crazy-teen_tv", and uploaded a few other videos including "part one" he then uploaded a video saying he would make a video soon however went on a hiatus after uploading it because he had moved to a new channel. he came back to his channel with A single video & then left again. On New Year's Eve, 2016, I uploaded a joke video where i "expose" him. A month later he uploaded a response video calling me out. After this, he returned to uploading normal content. (vlogs, him infront of his camera, imovie videos, etc.) thanks for reading.